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Who is PathFinders Unlimited?

PathFinders Unlimited, Inc. is a national child care training and consulting company located in the state of Florida. 

We are owners of the nationally recognized Second Helping and Cuatro Pasos Training (Spanish version of Second Helping), including the accompanying Train-the-Trainer program. 

Additionally, we administer the Master Provider Credential program, a national program that recognizes the intentional provider.

PathFinders Unlimited Inc. was created with the specific goal of meeting the needs of the child care profession. 

We offer resources for providers, trainers, and agencies; training for new and experienced providers; and consulting for association, support group, and public policy development.  Goals include:

  • To provide specific training programs for child care providers that will promote quality care for children
  • To develop educational programs and consulting services specialized for the  profession of child care
  • To encourage and support the education of providers, parents, businesses, corporations and communities at large

What Does PathFinders Offer?

  • Child Development Training
  • Conference Workshops and Presentations
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Association Development
  • Parenting Seminars
  • Consulting Services
  • Publications
  • Second Helping Training
  • Second Helping Train-The-Trainer Course
  • Master Provider Credential

Our experienced directors are available for keynote speaking, workshops, and seminars  The full cost will vary depending on expenses (travel, lodging, and meals). Call for our presenter fee, seminars and workshops (with a minimum of 3 hours).  We offer keynote presentations.

  • Family Child Care Business Guidelines
  • Parent Interviewing Guidelines
  • Parent Communications
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Parliamentarian Guidelines Development
  • Officer Training
  • Brain Research Training
  • Stress Reduction Techniques
  • Building Self Esteem
  • Child Discipline Techniques
  • Anti-Bias & Multicultural Awareness
  • Collaboration and Cooperation for Centers and Family Child Care Providers
  • Provider Sensitivity Classes
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