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Master Provider

Master Provider is an advanced credentialing concept that encourages providers to validate themselves through a continuing investment in their professional development.

Although credentials cannot guarantee quality, PathFinders Unlimited believes the combination of regulation, training, experience, accreditation and professional involvement (all requirements of the Master Provider Credential) are the keys to both quality child care and provider longevity.  We sincerely feel that these combined elements offer “indicators’ of quality child care, defined as “Provider Intentionality”.

The Master Provider Credential also supports the setting of standards from within the profession, as well as offering consumers a guidepost for seeking providers who are dedicated to their own professional development.

The Master Provider Credential recognizes and respects the diversity of family child care providers.  There are many different but equally appropriate career path options.


Therefore PathFinders has added ‘specialty classifications’ for those active and non-active providers who contribute to the ongoing development of our profession. This flexibility encourages providers and support staff to pursue the professional development opportunities readily available in each community, in the environment that best suits individual needs and choices.

Active Providers: have the opportunity to apply for the Master Provider Credential and to increase their ‘level’ as they increase in years of experience and knowledge.  These providers also have the opportunity to qualify for one or more ‘specialty’ classification if they can document the appropriate training and experience in one of the following areas: Mentor, Trainer, Instructor Trainer, Advocate or Leadership.

Non-Active Providers: who have chosen to pursue a different career path away from the 'direct care' of children, still have the opportunity to qualify under this program in the following areas:

  • Master Provider Instructor
  • Master Provider Instructor Trainer
  • Master Provider Advocate
  • Master Provider Leader
  • Master Provider Mentor
The APPLICATION outlines the specific requirements for each level and specialty of the Master Provider Credential
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