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Second Helping is a four module advanced enrichment course that was developed by three family child care providers and a child/provider advocate.  The program promotes not only the professional development of individual providers, but the growth of family child care as a profession.

Second Helping offers advanced skills that are specific to the profession.  These skills might take years to develop on a trial and error basis—and turnover statistics tell us that many providers do not survive this process. The course helps providers to develop their own personal coping skills, and creative solutions that address the drawbacks to the profession, thereby increasing longevity (an important component of quality child care).  It also encourages providers to nurture themselves, and offers a variety of self-care skills.

Second Helping stimulates individual growth and reflection, presents the opportunity to examine and improve interpersonal skills, validates a customized approach to the diversity of homes, celebrates the unique and inherent qualities of family child care, and explores the challenge of blending the business and nurturing sides of the profession.  It is an empowering experience for providers, impacting both personal and professional self-esteem. Often, the course acts as a springboard, motivating providers to make an ongoing investment in their professional development, and to seek out new challenges.

*Cuatro Pasos is the Spanish version of Second Helping


Second Helping is organized in four modules The Provider, The Business, The Family, and The Childreneach with its own trainee manual.  Course length may be set at the minimum of 32 hours (8 hours per module), or expanded as desired.  The program supports the flexibility necessary to customize the curriculum to meet the training and/or professional development needs of individual provider communities.  The course is frequently offered in a community college environment, or as part of a formalized professional development system.

Second Helping is a peer mentor training.  Family child care providers are generally more interested in attending training that is developed by their peers, and learn well from and with providers who have "been in the trenches."  The instructors used in any training program are as important as the curriculum itself, and the credibility of a peer instructor can increase the power of the message.  Supporting a training program that is specific to the profession, and offers instructor opportunities to experienced providers, helps to build agency credibility, and boost trust within the provider community.

Second Helping offers visibility, and highlights the commitment to quality child care.  It can also provide a foundation on which to build other programs or services. Depending on the partnership negotiated and the choices made, Second Helping may be administered as a self-supporting program or totally scholarship-based.

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